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save Redwood Glen

For the past two years, we have been in negotiations with the County of San Mateo and State of California Water Board over access to water as Redwood Glen seeks to become water independent. On March 1st, 2016, the County turned off water to our facilities. Events were cancelled, summer camp registration was put on hold, and staff were preparing for lay-offs with impending closure.

However, thanks to God and God's people praying, we were granted a reprieve with the State! We were allowed to temporarily truck water and thus, reopen as we continue the process of building our own water systems. Although there has been much rejoicing, now, 9 months later, we need your help in fnishing the projectto become water independent.

The engineers initially estimated this will be a 6-9 month process and $400,000. Currently, those numbers have been revised to 12-15 months and $750,000. By end of year 2016, we reached over $200,000.00, but we need to raise the remaining $400,000 to build the water plant, to off-set the additional costs of water (delivered water is expensive), to pay for the engineer costs, and other water-related expenses. If the project continues as scheduled, Redwood Glen will be water independent by mid- to late- spring this year.

The reality is: If Redwood Glen does not raise the money to build the water system, the camp may be forced to close as trucking in water is unsustainable.

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